Deific Love : Established Unity Volume 3

Deific Love : Established Unity Volume 3


Volume III of "Established Unity" brings to light various symbolisms of love, including the representation of literal standing of such influence as a straightforward quality. In this Volume is thoroughly described the meaning and the infinite purpose of love, when this quality is literal in foundation, illustrative (in various moral, mental and emotional practices), figurative in meaning and representative in arrangement. "Established Unity" is not a publication in competitive information with Google or any other secular source. Knowledge in this publication is exclusively unique in all possible forms of 'edification, emotional support, spiritual enlightenment, practicality and dependability." This Volume provides the richness of wisdom in very effective accomplishments, not merely provisionally or temporarily but with a lasting purpose in view, so as for the reader to be equipped enthusiastically with positive and fundamental confidence. Still, the attained buoyancy is not based only on human personality and character, but more importantly, for an individual to be equipped with the truth relating to the complete meaning and fulfilling purpose of the Real Life, the divine gift explain right in the first chapters of this Volume. Definitely, understanding the purpose of love is in conjunction with understanding the purpose of life. The same as there is no life without love, likewise there is no love without life. The question is, we might ask: 'What's the point of love when I'm going to die anyway'!? This Volume explains in detail the true meaning and purpose of love in harmony with life, and no death. Since death has been a ruthless enemy for over 6000 years, Love will eliminate and eradicate this foe once for all times. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Love to deny the existence of Its Supremacy in relation to its perfect Justice, Power and Wisdom. Since Love is everlasting, the same, life is designed to exist forever. How much more when it comes to humans, who are created with power of reason and thinking ability, yes the originated eternal creatures who deserve this privilege both biblically and morally!? Henceforth, this publication will lead us beyond the common conceptuality of earthly men, with the intent to find the true meaning of love and the original purpose of life with eternity in view. Yes, this is the eternal gift that the supremacy of Love has brought into existence, particularly for dutiful and reverential dominance bestowed to obedient humanity in relation to this planet, as well as with regard to all the other creatures installed in it.

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Ilia Kavaja, Emma Oliver Simone
Paperback | 470 pages
140 x 216 x 27mm | 590g
Publication date
18 Feb 2019
Independently Published